Sexy Dirty Harry

Hello and welcome!

In this first series of posts, I’ll tell you my unexpected meeting with Harry Styles, Wattpad and the little world of fanfictions -not that small in fact- especially those telling stories about that guy, but not only. I’ll talk about how love, romance, sex, abusive relationships and violence against women are fantasized and described by the -very- young authors of those stories.

It’s funny and surprising sometimes. Touching  once in a while. But far too often disturbing too or totally shocking and unbearable.

StopviolenceMr Harry Styles

The real one, supported the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25th.


It’s a good opportunity to make the connection between the worrying or violent fantasies described in some fanfics and reality:

Every year, millions of women and girls worldwide suffer violence, be it domestic violence, rape, female genital mutilation/cutting, dowry-related killing, trafficking, sexual violence in conflict-related situations, or other manifestations of abuse.

Are you horrified when you read that?

I am. Violence against women should not be trivialized and even less legitimated. Never. There’s no good reason to commit abuse or violence and certainly not love! This kind of behaviour is unacceptable, period.

And yet, young women don’t seem to be convinced of it

So I’ve a few things to tell about that. And as I’m a pretty joyful person, who would rather laugh than cry or grunt, I’ll say them with humour, as often as possible -At least at the beginning, later it’ll be more difficult – And I’ll also scratch a number of  cliches by the way, because I like that.

But, since this blog is brand new, I’m going to introduce myself first. And then explain the whys and wherefores a little bit. I’ll try not to be too long, but I’m a chatterbox. So I can’t promise …

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