Handsome stranger

One day, I met a handsome stranger

So, I’m a woman who reads anything and everything. Even -very- clumsily written books sometimes. In France we would say:

« Written with the feet…

But, why Harry Styles fanfics?

Pure coincidence. An unlikely encounter between me, a cute tattooed guy and Wattpad.

When I write a story, I research a lot of  stuff on the web: music, pictures, drawings, paintings and documentation to avoid telling too many stupid things. And one day, I found a picture of a beautiful guy. I didn’t know him and told myself he would be a good inspiration for a new character. But as I’m also curious -a little bit- I dug deeper.

My handsome stranger was Harry Styles…

And I fell in love!

Or maybe not -we are not in a fanfic- But sometimes, people I don’t know surprise me and touch my heart.

Harry Styles is one of them

harry-flowery-suitHe makes me smile and laugh alone, like an idiot. He moves me, when he’s so friendly, thoughtful and kind to others and when he gets involved with people who are suffering and need help. He makes me feel happy, for few minutes or even cry -just once! Maybe I was a little tired or something…-  And at times, he stuns me so much… Gosh, the flowery suit… I’m not over it yet.

But flowery suit or not, Harry Styles seems to be a beautiful and interesting person, funny, kind, sensitive, a little eccentric… He’s probably sometimes an ass hole too, like everyone else, but shh…

« It’s stupid? I don’t care. I’m a girl. I do what I want with my Pink Soul. I love when people make me feel intense feelings, just like that and that’s it.

And Harry Styles is a handsome sexy guy!

Cute dark curly hair, wonderful eyes and smile, tattoos, aww…

But now, I shut my mouth, because it’ll look like I’m totally crazy in love with that guy and The Boyfriend will start asking questions!

« Am I in love? Uh… maybe just a little bit, sometimes… But, I love my man so much more.

Anyway, one day I met Harry Styles -not for real- He stirred my heart and made a bit of a mess inside. It was surprising and intense and …


I’m not a groupie. I don’t buy magazines. I don’t check the internet to read the breaking news. I take a look, once in a while and that’s it.

Later, I found Wattpad

Young people -among others- writing and sharing their stories, it’s interesting. So I created an account, to see how it looked like. There’re many different fictions on Wattpad, a large number of fanfics too, and among them, thousands telling stories about Harry Styles!

I had never read fanfics before. So, as I’m curious, I took a look, I nearly fell off my chair and I started a blog…

And meanwhile, my own stories are gathering dust in a corner…


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Happy girlfriend. Pirate mum. Baby writer. Baby blogger. Books, arts, music and sexy-cute, tattooed guys lover. Are you a princess? Neither am I.

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