Love lemon and pink vodka

Fuck me Harry!

In the last post, we figured out that Harry is a talented and resourceful “made in Heaven” supernatural guy, who’s very popular with the girls. Today, we’ll see how he deals with them and how he seduces The Heroine in the end. It’s a little bit long, so quick!

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Another little ambiguous tag, I’m curious.

Is Harry a kind of  Superhero?

Maybe a man with unusual and powerful capacities, like in the TV show?

First, he’s a highly sensual and fascinating guy, no doubt about it. One look in his wonderful GREEN eyes and he sends you to the moon. French kiss works pretty well too and the girls swoon when he bites and licks his attractive pink lips, with a suggestive look.

Harry drives also a kind of Supercar, that crosses London, from north to south, in less than 5 minutes, without he having to turn the key, and provides clean clothes at will. And not even crumpled! I want the same, hate ironing and driving in town.

But other than that…

So maybe is he the leader of a werewolves pack?Alpha-werewolf

At first look, Harry doesn’t leave suspicious hairs lying around on the couch and all over the place. But werewolves are sexy, as everyone knows. Especially the Alpha Male. It still could be a clue.

Well, let’s dig a little deeper…

Chapter One

Harry’s a beautiful guy!

Did I say that, already?

tattoosTall, muscular, tattooed -’cause tattoos are sexy (+1)- The dark curly hair, so the girls put the fingers in and pull when things get very very hot. Harry likes when the girls pull his curls. A lot. It makes him grunt -maybe another clue- The dimples when he smiles. But he doesn’t smile so often -except when he teases pretty and small heroines and makes them blush by saying dirty words- The amazing cold green eyes -Of course- And no possible doubt…

Harry’s an Alpha Male

We’re going to wait for the next full moon to know if he’s a werewolf too.

When Harry walks into a room full of students -in a fraternity party at random- the density of the air suddenly changes -pheromones?- The girls shiver and the guys run away with their tail between their legs. Except Harry’s four best friends, of course, because they’re part of the pack.

And it just so happens that there’s a party right now -like yesterday and the day before- and the guys are out having fun -like yesterday and the day before…-

So girls, doll yourselves up, grab your high-heel sneakers, don’t forget your pepper spray, it might be helpful and…

Let’s go to a party!

Yeah, this is the good place, Harry and his friends are standing over there at the bar…

Pink vodkaThe fraternity house is chock full. It’s very hot. The girls wear little if any clothes -maybe they lost them by playing Truth or Dare- Beer and pink vodka flow like water, the red cups pile up on the floor. And to top it all, a pretty and small heroine got lost and ended up on our Alpha Male’s hunting ground.

Harry that feels in the mood for games tonight, spotted her the second she walked into the room. She caught his green eye, he decided she belonged to him and his mates wouldn’t miss the show for the world, ’cause when Harry starts playing, it’s fun!

And here we go, the game has begun…

When The Heroine understands that The Alpha Male has his green eye on her, she drops her red cup of pink vodka on the floor -one more, one less…- freezes like a rabbit facing a fox and forgets to breathe.

And as Harry gets right to the point -always- he swoops down on her, like a predator on its prey, pins her against a wall, slides his hand up her dress while whispering dirty things in her ear and finally drags her to an empty room to steal her pants and fuck her against the door!

« Ouch… Harry, his friends and the gods are probably having fun, but the girl?

And when it’s done, our Alpha Male bites harshly her neck to mark her -another clue?- and says something like :

« Now you are MINE ! I want everybody to know that and I’m going to protect you. Picking you up tomorrow at 21:00, honey. Put on a sexy dress!

Simple and clear! But he should also have peed on her shoes, just to be sure everyone understood…

And the girl?

She watches him go -with her pants in his hand as proof, in case someone has any doubt- a little out of breath and shaky, but not that much, thinking she should have put on sexier underwear and she doesn’t have anything to wear. Clearly under the spell, ’cause he has so wonderful eyes and it was still a good lay -Oh, yeah?- Before recovering  and asking to herself:

« What the hell was that?

That’s a FUCKING GOOD QUESTION, darling!

FeminismAnd it’s not the only one. I’ve got some more…

Is that girl a piece of meat to eat without asking questions? Are women preys or people? Can a person be owned by another one? There’s a word for that, I think… Oh yeah, Slavery! And slaves were marked too, just like cattle, for the meat -The circle is complete!-

Does she need protection? Why? Because she’s a woman? And who will protect her from him? The other alpha males of the neighbourhood? Or herself?

Should a man tell a woman how to dress? Should a man give orders to a woman? Should a woman be obedient to a man?

Chanel Pink CondomDoes she even know his name? Did he even ask hers? What if she was still a virgin? Condom? And the foreplay, huh? Having sex with an handsome stranger against a door might be an interesting experience, I don’t know, but why not?

« BUT do it right and SAFE! And if possible not with an ass hole…

Queen BitchAnd why isn’t it the girl who pushes the guy onto the couch and fucks him, huh? -It might be fun for once and Harry doesn’t know it yet, but he loves that- Then why? Because only bitches -or sexy alpha males- do such things, of course! -I’m ironic. Just in case- And The Heroine in not a bitch. She’s maybe an idiot or more likely a victim, but not a bitch.

« On contrary, the Alpha Male is clearly a bastard who deserves kicks in the ass. Even if it’s a sexy one!

Gosh… I just said a lot of bad words, sorry.

Many questions for such a small scene, isn’t it?

Bonus and deleted scenes

This version of the story -only the beginning of the story in fact- is a F.L.F one:

« Freeze the target – Lock the target – Fuck the target

But, there’re alternative and most popular versions.

More or less the same, until Harry tries to put his hand in the girl’s pants. At that moment, The Heroine, who looks a little less like an anaemic mussel and a little more like a girl, doesn’t let him do and pushes him away, yelling:

« Fuck you, Harry!

Who wins?He against She

Harry is tall and strong and The Heroine is very small and thin -like all heroines of fanfics- So it doesn’t work very well, of course.

And now, there’re two ways

  • Either, Harry feels in the mood for games and he answers something like:

There’s nothing else I’d want more, darling!

F*** me, I’m erectus

Before throwing her over his shoulder -like a caveman- and carrying  her to his supercar and then to his bedroom, to play with her emotions and her clit -codename Little Pink Button- until she falls in love!

  • Or, he got out of bed the wrong side maybe the full moon’s coming- and his eyes turn black, he threatens her of his entire height and asks in an icy cold tone, stressing his every word:

« What did you say?

The heroine feels then her bones freezing, she tries to make herself even more smaller and keeps her mouth shut. But, when Harry asks a question, he wants an answer, and quick! So he repeats the question once more, shaking her a little until she stammers:

« No … noth… nothing…

Satisfied, he throws her over his shoulder and carries her to his supercar and then to his bedroom…censored…until she falls in love!

In the both cases

He also bites her neck to claim her as his own -MINE- and he gives her his tee-shirt -that smells of him and washing powder- to sleep in his king-size bed with black sheets, because she’s sexy when she wears his clothes.

Harry’s soiled tee-shirts are magic. When he gives one to a girl, she falls into his arms in the second, and keeps it for the rest of her life. That’s why he bought his supercar. Always have a new clean and ironed tee-shirt on hand , you can’t put a price on it!

Let’s take a look at the moon

pussycatIt’s full.

Well, the couch and the cat are safe, Harry isn’t a werewolf. But he’s still a dangerous predator who crunches pretty small girls like an afternoon snack and an ass hole of the worst kind!

(English translation of the French song)

Just two questions

Is it acceptable to kidnap, to threaten, to scare or to shake a girl to seduce her? And does it work for real?

« I don’t think so and I hope not!

And yet, The Heroine falls in love and it’s the beginning of a turbulent and complicated love story. But this post is already very long, so I’ll talk about it a next time.

And you, who are you?

A woman, a man, the both, none of them, a heroine, an alpha male, a bitch, a bastard, an idiot, an ass hole, an alpha girl, a pretty small guy, a superhero, a kind of mix of everything or maybe just a human being?

Me, I’m a person, even if I’ve got a pussy…

Next post: After Dark


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  • “Love Lemon and Pink Vodka” Glass made by Freepik and adapted by myself.
  • “Silex and the City” illustration made by JUL.
  • “Feminism is the radical notion…” illustration made by Michelle Scott. Quote from Kramarae Cheris.

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