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After Dark

In the last episode, we saw that Harry’s a Beautiful-Sexy-Curly-Icy bast… Alpha Male who doesn’t burden himself with details. When he wants something, he comes straight to the point and takes it. Even if that thing is a girl!

So, he got himself a small and pretty girlfriend.

But it’s not that easy!

Romantic relationships are complicated and Harry’s not used to having a girl in his king-size bed, let alone a Heroine. Especially since, she’s a mind of her own -just a little bit, let’s not push it. But it’s already too much for our Alpha Male- and it’s beginning to get on his nerves!

How could he protect her -from what? It’s still not clear- if she doesn’t listen to a word he says, huh? He needs to figure out a way!

His four best friends find this very funny. But Harry doesn’t. Not at all. And when Harry’s angry, he often acts in a pretty rough way to get what he wants . Let’s see…

Chapter Two

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Heroine’s point of view:
« Harry’s a Sooo Beautiful guy! Tall, strong, tattooed, Dark Curly hair -so I make a mess in his curls, while he’s playing with my little pink button and his magic fingers- Harry’s Sooo Sexy with his Messed-up Sex hair, his Attractive Pink lips and his Wonderful Green eyes…


Harry’s point of view:
« Come on, baby! Come for me, NOW! Yell my name, I WANT all the neighbours to know…
— Hop, hop, hop, calm down, darling! I take it from here.

Phew… absolutely tireless those two…

So yes, the green eyes that send the girls to the moon… No stars in the eyes, but sometimes they turn Black -Yes, black- because…

Harry has a #Dark Soul!

Sneaky Dark DemonWhen he was a child, he experienced terrible things and now he’s nightmares -that’s why he slept alone, in his king-size bed with black sheets, before he met The Heroine- He’s serious anger-management issues too and when Harry’s angry his eyes turn black.

You don’t want his eyes to get black! No you don’t, because when Harry’s furious it’s terrifying. Really terrifying. But, since The Heroine’s not very obedient, he’s upset quite often, and she’s terrified.

He makes her cry, yells at her, shakes her a little -or a little more- accidentally hurts her a couple times but he never strikes her.

Harry doesn’t hit women!

Harry and his mother suffered a lot. His father was an alcoholic and violent fucking bastard -or something like that, no matter what, as long as it’s dramatic enough to make up for the fact that our hero behaves like an ass hole…- so, scares, nightmares and anger for him but no slap for the heroine!

What a lucky girl…

VampireHarry is also a bit too ardent lover sometimes. He loses control, his eyes turn black, he almost breaks the bed -vampires are not alone to destroy the pillows and the headboard, alpha males are pretty good at this game too-  and of course, he hurts and frightens his small and thin girlfriend who gets a few bruises and cries…

And The Heroine while we’re at her?

Instead of running away she tries to hide her contusions -so as not to worry her Alpha Male, that’s completely unaware that anything happened, of course- and to save him from his Dark Soul, rather than try to save herself.

So now, we have

« Strength, anger, fear, yells, tears, loss of control, violent sex, some injuries and bruises. It seems like a lot!

But that’s not all…

Harry’s insanely jealous and possessive too

Message in a bottle
“Message In A Bottle” by Kmye Chan

And if The Heroine’s parents are busy -counting rice plants in Thailand- her friends and her co-workers are not. And as luck, there’re guys in the lot. Many, many rivals to manage for our Alpha Male, in addition to the grocer, the newsboy and the caretaker of the building.

And Harry works hard to handle this mess!

He clearly marks his territory, threatening and terrorizing everybody. HIS disobedient girlfriend doesn’t make it easier. She provokes him, insisting to see her friends and to go to work.

« Because she only loves her Beautiful and Sexy Alpha Male! Only him and he’s nothing to fear!

Harry doesn’t buy it!

He’s determined to protect HIS girlfriend from all the men of the neighbourhood or even of the whole town and he’ll succeed! Very quickly, The Heroine’s friends -selfish traitors- ask her to choose between them or her terrifying boyfriend and her world finally comes down to her Alpha Male.

And sometimes Harry’s eyes turn black

Our Alpha Male has a long history of violence and bar fights, so he made some enemies. And one of them attacks his female -coward- and beats her very hard.

Angry Dark DemonOur Heroine tries to hide her injuries and herself from her boyfriend, telling him she’s ill -to protect him of course- But no one can hide from Harry, much less HIS girlfriend. And her co-workers finally let the cat out the bag. Harry is not terribly happy, not at all, and he’ll make it clear to her!

TO HER, not to the bastard that beat her…

Very clear

When The Heroine has no choice but to face him -because he always gets what he wants- she lies and says that she ran into a door. Harry flips out, pins her against the wall and growls in a menacing tone, colder than ever:

« Do you really expect me to buy this? Don’t lie to me, never!

CryOf course he knows. He’s annoyed and she’s terrified. Her bones freeze and she trembles like a leaf. But Harry suddenly move to the kitchen and start to drink -strong alcohol- his furious black eyes never leaving her.

Usually when Harry gets angry he yells at The Heroine, shakes her a little, she’s scared and she cries. But now he doesn’t say anything and it’s worst. She knows that he can be very violent when he’s drunk. She already saw him fighting in bars.

what does she do? Does she try to escape?

No, of course not. But when he bangs his fourth glass on the kitchen counter, she finally takes to her heels and runs like a rabbit -far from the front door, even though it was very close-

Harry chases her all around the flat, yelling like a raving mad when she slams the bathroom door in his face and locks it -so she opens that fucking door, NOW or it’ll be very bad for her!- punching it, totally out of control. And he ends up kicking it down, while The Heroine, completely panicked, takes refuge in a corner, trembling, crying and trying to protect herself.

But Harry doesn’t hit women!

When he sees his small girlfriend, trying to hide herself from him, in the rubble of the bathroom, he calms down, just a little bit, pulls her to him and hugs her.

To comfort her?

Shut upNo, of course not. To comfort himself -because he needs her and she’s his own- and he squeezes her really hard in his arms so she understands that this isn’t over yet, because he’s still furious with her!

She understands very well, stops breathing and doesn’t say anything.

But our Heroine’s worried about her Alpha Male. So she finally dares asking him what he’ll do to that man that beat her. Harry doesn’t answer.

« It’s not her business!

But his insolent girlfriend insists, begging him to do nothing. Our Alpha Male loses then his control, once more, and shouts:

« Don’t tell me what to do or what not to do, never! Did I make myself clear?

And she shuts her mouth, staring the ground. But when Harry asks a question, he wants an answer, and quick! So he adds, shouting even louder:


Shaking her violently until she agrees, crying once more.

Then he leaves her standing there, in the rubble of the bathroom and doesn’t open the mouth for a week, except to grunt:

« Get out of my way or I push you out myself!

When she tries to corner him to talk, rather than run away and save herself.

And no cuddles for her -and the little pink button- of course. She’s punished! She’ll have no more than his tee-shirt -that smells of him and washing powder- to cry.

Remind me why all that mess?

Oh yeah, the heroine was attacked and beat, by a bastard that she didn’t even know, because of what her man did. The same who’s so furious with her!

And now we have

« Strength, anger, fear, loss of control, some injuries and bruises, violent sex, jealousy, social isolation, control behaviour, mood swings, yells, tears, alcohol, a destroyed bathroom, an authoritarian boyfriend who fights in bars, shakes the girls, squeezes them really hard, a girlfriend who doesn’t have no say, threats and psychological pressure too!

So in summary

«An explosive combination. A real time bomb. And a big one!

In real life the love story of Harry and his heroine is called:

An abusive relationship

say-noAnd if in fanfics, the girl saves her boyfriend from his dark soul and they live a beautiful life together, the most of the time -if not, it’s usually because there’s a tome two-

For real, when you get to that point, it’s too late. Far too late. You’ve already one foot -or the both- in hell and you shouldn’t hope for an happy ending. You should run, far away and quickly, while you can. Because the first slap is not far and the second is never the last…

In practice, it’s not so easy to escape an abusive man. Being hurt by the only man you never thought he would hurt you is painful, destabilizing and frightening. Those kind of men are usually very good at making you feel like you’re alone, weak, nobody and it’s all your fault. But it’s not true! You can speak. It’s worth a try. You should try to save your life before it’s too late.

But it’s even better to know the warning signs and to SAY NO before it goes too far.


« In France alone-The little country where I live- Every three days, a woman dies at the hands of her violent partner. Every years, most than 216.000 women suffer domestic violence. And 30% of women worldwide are victims of violence!

1 in 3 women1in3

So yes!

Our “Handsome Devil Sexy as Hell” is really earning his nickname and the heroine should stop playing with fire and look for an exorcist! And yes, Harry must protect his girlfriend, From themselves and quick!


lethalHarry doesn’t strikes women. But violence is not just about slaps and hits. And actually, Harry’s an abusive and violent boyfriend!

Harry suffered when he was a child?

Well, he didn’t deserve that. But a trauma is not an excuse to be violent in his turn! There’s no good reason to commit abuse or violence. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable, period. Violence against women shouldn’t be trivialized and even less legitimated, never!

And to put it bluntly:

«Harry is maybe an handsome sexy guy who suffered a lot. But if he behaves like a bastard, he’s a bastard first. A handsome sexy bastard who suffered a lot. But a bastard anyway!

How to help victims of domestic violence?


Personally, I’m totally unable to put Harry Styles’ face on that guy. When I read that kind of sad stories, I only see a curly, green-eyed stranger I’d hate to meet in my real life. I think he’d hate to meet me too.

Are you able to?

Next Episode: Blood & Tears


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