Big bad wolf and sneaky enemies

Blood & Tears

“Blood & Tears” what is it about? Does Harry finally cut The Heroine into little pieces or the other way around? No, not yet. Today, I talk about sex. Especially about that one magic and terrifying moment when the heroines “see the wolf” -French expression- and other little things too.

« Avoir vu le loup -to have seen the wolf- means: To have lost one’s virginity. Only the girls meet the wolf.

So, come on, girls, get the big bad wolf

Big-bad-wolfHarry, our Handsome-Sexy-Curly-Icy-Dark bast… hero, half demon, half werewolf has many faults. But when a heroine gives him her virginity, he usually knows how to handle it and he does it right!

He’s still a little scatterbrained sometimes. He forgets the condom -It’s wrong!- or the foreplay, and she cries a lot -because of the gods- But with all those heroines on his hands, it’s not so easy! Poor Harry…

Anyway, the most of the time…

Harry’s a good lay

He’s very patient with his terrified and frozen Little Red Riding Hood.

Little-red-riding-hoodHe says her she’s beautiful and sexy, even if she blushes when he steals her red hood and her pants and he cuddles her a lot. He knows where the little pink button is and what it’s for. He’s pretty good with his fingers, his lips and his tongue too.

And when comes the time to free the wolf, he talks, a lot, to reassure his shaking heroine before she takes to her heels. He doesn’t forget the condom and tries to be as gentle as possible, speaking again to be sure she’s OK, he can go further and she doesn’t want him to stop.

« She MUST tell him if she wants him to stop! Did he make himself clear?

Once an Alpha Male, always an Alpha Male! But a kind one at that moment.

She doesn’t say anything, bites her lips to keep from screaming, hides her face in his neck and cries -because of the gods- Harry panics a little and growls at her because she never listen to a word he says! But she doesn’t want him to stop and at the end it’s not so terrible. He says her he liked it very much and she smiles while playing with his so sexy missed-up sex curls!

« 11 out of 10, Harry!
The bonus point is for the magic wonderful green eyes.

So what?

The blood!

Torrents of blood! Sometimes our heroes could almost drown in the blood. Totally gore…

When you know that about 90% -it’s a low estimate, I think- of heroines of fanfics are still virgins, not to mention the swarms of heroines of romances, equally pure, very quickly the torrents become rivers. Thousands of bloody rivers crossing the planet Wattpad.

To put it simply:

« Our heroes paddle in a bloody ocean.

And now, I think of all the young girls who haven’t seen the big bad wolf yet. There’re reasons to be terrified and to freeze when you imagine stuff like that. Especially if combined with the “Supermassive Toys!” the unbearable pain and the tears…

All we need now is for a guy with two left feet, which isn’t so very unusual -unfortunately “the harrys” don’t grow on trees- so that the first walk in the woods with the wolf turns into a disaster…

Come on, girls!

the wolf’s not so big and not so bad…

blood-and-tearsCertainly, the First Time is a big deal. A highly emotional and a little frightening moment. But, at the same time, it’s not such a big deal, either.

It’s like riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. It’s kind of scary, you may fall, graze your knees, your friends, brothers or sisters may laugh at you. But what’s ultimately more important: The first time you zigzagged on the road on your new Hello kitty pink bike, or the first time you hurtled down the hill with no hands? Chances are, the trip in the hills with the wind in your hair will be the most unforgettable of the two.

So, if finally the fist time matters, but not so much, why is such a fuss made of it? Maybe just relaxing a little bit and living the moment as it comes would be a good thing.

The first time’s not The Big One?

Well, the second will be better and that’s it.

Sex, like many things in life has to be learned and need practice. You must know your body and your partner one. You must find out what you like or not. What he likes or not. It takes time, so give yourself time. Try different things. Talk to your partner, you’re in the same boat.

« If you’re not, something is wrong somewhere!

Make it fun!

You can’t think about it without your knees starting to shake and your hands getting sweaty?

Maybe you’re not ready. Don’t do it. Is there something wrong with that? No, of course not. You don’t feel sure of yourself? Don’t do it. You thought you were ready, but finally you don’t feel very sure, any more? Don’t do it. You don’t feel like you’re up to it, but your boyfriend press for it?

« Are you sure he’s the good guy?

Who is the good guy?

Uh… Good question.

Miami Airport
Catch Me If You Can

In practice, there is little chance the captain of the football team, or the super hot, tattooed, unsociable and taciturn bad boy, or the very famous, handsome, sexy, curly, green-eyed singer of the equally famous, GREATEST BOYS BAND OF ALL TIME are the good guys.

Yeah OK, maybe the last one is the right one, but:

  1. You must find a way to trap him between two planes.
  2. You’re not the only one on it, and you’ll have to elbow your way to be the one on him.
  3. Uh… Well, nothing in fact. If you want to know how The Big O!” feels like, before you turn 30, this is not a good plan. Look for another one.
  4. If you find the solution, leave me a comment!

So, the good guy is probably the one with whom you feel at ease, confident and secure. The one with whom you can speak freely, you can ask to show you a couple of tricks, and not feel ashamed of it. The one who gets his hands away from your boobs, the second you ask him to, or puts them in your pants rather than in your bra, because you like it better that way. The one who listens to you, talks to you and makes you laugh.

A French proverb says something like:

« Make a woman laugh and you’re halfway to her bed.

It’s true! Sex should be fun. Intense, respectful and fun, always.

The good guy is the one who doesn’t forget the condom, and doesn’t press for not to use it when it’s not HUNDRED percent safe -100% not 99%- The one who stops, the second you ask him to and says something like:

« You don’t feel good like this? Maybe we could try another way,  or if you don’t want to, it’s OK. Let’s just cuddle each other.

The key words here are
Maybe – We could – You don’t want – It’s OK
-Cuddles. Cuddles. Cuddle a lot-

The very good guy is the one who

On top of everything else, makes you fell like you’re beautiful and doesn’t make you want to hide yourself behind sheets. Even if you don’t look like a top-model, you have hips and booty -because you’re a woman and it’s normal- your boobs are too big or too small or too something and…

« Fuck! At the end, who cares? Not most interesting men, in any case.

Does the good guy necessarily have to be a god in bed?

Well, no in fact. You’ll learn together. Where’s the matter? But he necessarily has to be a kind and careful person. You too! And no, men are not always high-performing. Sometimes it doesn’t work, it goes too fast or not enough! -Bloody hell, what’s he trying to do? Fire or something… Please come now… I’ve got to work tomorrow… I’d like to sleep, just a little bit…- It happens, it’s fun, or it’s not and it’s fine. Just cuddle each other that’s cool too.

Is there such a guy for real?

Of course, and very often, he’s not where you expect him to be…Looking for a good guy

 So, you feel sure and you found the right one?

Great, go now!

« Uh… Yes… OK… But…

Does it really hurt?

Well, all women are not equal in that case and it depends on a whole lot of things. Yes I know, it’s a Normandy reply -French expression that means: “Maybe yes or maybe no”-

I can’t really talk about my own experience, I don’t have any memories of how it was painful or not. I remember, the room, the music, the guy of course -it was a good guy, kind and gentle, but I didn’t marry him, either- But the pain… I didn’t cry and it was cool. Not The Big O but pretty nice.

But one thing’s for sure, the more you’re confident, cool and relaxed the less it hurts. Stress causes technical issues that make things uncomfortable -vaginal dryness- and it’s not good. The foreplay are important too, of course, and the guy. Ask him to be gentle. Use a lubricant if necessary, there’s no shame in it, it’s just more comfortable. So, if it helps, why not?

And the most important thing maybe:

Talk to your partner! Especially if you don’t feel good. Sometimes, just taking a small break, or trying in a different way is enough to make it better. Don’t hide yourself to cry waiting for him to finish. You’re not a sex doll!

And the blood?

Unless you invite a psychopath in your room, the bed shouldn’t look like a field hospital of World War I, or worst, a battlefield of the Wars of the Roses! So, calm down and don’t worry about it. And no it’s not dirty, or disgusting, it’s just a little blood. Don’t be ashamed.


Well, now getting back to our adventurous Little Red Riding Hoods, luckily they’re less and less bleeding -phew!- The gods should now stop making jokes so the girls stop shaking and dry their tears!

So, in summary, one day our terrified and frozen heroines meet the big bad wolf. It hurts, they cry and bleed and finally end up taming the beast. And then…

Things spin out of control

Magic in the airHarry and his heroines do it. And they do it. And do it again. And again…

That guy is a kind of sorcerer, as well as being a werewolf and a dark demon. And he knows a couple of very useful spells.

When he says to a heroine:

« Come on, baby! Come for me, NOW!

She comes for him now, yelling his name so all the neighbourhood knows for who she’s coming! For real, it’s a little more complicated than that and the neighbour calls the cops, but…

The heroines come for him

Yelling his name: At home, against the walls, in the shower, on desks, bars, tables… at work and in the shower, in elevators, against the walls and in the shower, on the floor, in colleges dorm rooms, and in the shower, in cars, in fraternity houses, fraternity showers and against the wall of the shower…

The world is full of walls and showers and they’ll try them all!

« And the king-size bed with black sheets?
— To sleep…

So, the shower

It sounds very exciting and dangerously sexy on paper…

But, in real life, when you don’t rent a permanent suite in a palace in Seattle, with a heliport on the roof, you neither live in a luxurious villa in California, nor in a sumptuous manor in the heart of London, with indecent, high-tech bathrooms looking like hammams from outer space…

« Do you?
— I don’t.

So, in my real life…

A shower is a place full of enemies

When you want to do something a little more fun than wash up, of course.

Space enemyThe icy, cold walls first! And there’s never enough space for two under the water. One of the two is always cold. When it’s not the both, ’cause the water suddenly freezes Or scalds you like a lobster, you choose!-

The wet, slippery floor, it’s dangerous. And not dangerous like sexy. Dangerous like dangerous!

Some more technical ones, too

Usually your Harry is a little bit taller than you are. So you’ll have some compatibility issues to fix. But trying to do acrobatic feats, cramped in a tiny space, with a wet, slippery floor, it’s dangerous!

« Do you love your teeth and your lover ones?
— I do.

Did you already try to stay on your knees on a tiled floor for several minutes? It hurts! So, no little…well, you know… for your Harry. And besides, the water that falls into your eyes and your nose, it’s not that great.

Biological ones…

It may not seem like it, but nothing dries more than water! And when your pussy ecosystem suddenly looks like the Mojave Desert one, it’s just… not good.

In case the compatibility issues would have been fixed, of course.

Finally, cuddling each other with soap, it’s fun, it’s sweet and it smells good. But cuddles without any clothes usually set off uncontrollable chain reactions, and you’ll end up with soap in certain places, where you don’t want to end up with soap, ’cause it stings!

It seems already a lot. But there’s another one.

A real big sneaky enemy

It’s not the size that counts…

Let’s take a heroine of the real life. The one where the indecent high-tech bathroom looking like a hammam from outer space is only a dream.

« It’s not me! I do dirty things in the shower, with my Harry, ONLY in luxury hotels of London. Because California is too hot, Seattle too humid and London is London…
— Tsk… !
— What? … That’s not the point, anyway.
— If you say so, darling…


Our unknown heroine is taking a shower and she bought one of those magic soaps, with millions of  tiny grains that make the skin so smooth and soft. It smells of vanilla, ’cause her Harry likes very much when she smells of vanilla. Men are strange beings sometimes. She’s a girl, not an ice cream! But he likes it, so…

Sexy bunAnd rightly, her Harry, that’s not very patient, is dying for a vanilla ice cream, right now. So he puts his curls up, in that so Sexy-Cute bun she loves so much, shows his tattoos, hones his magic wonderful green eyes and joins her, sneaking in the bathroom like a tiger lying in wait.

Our heroine of the real life likes tigers better than werewolves.

And when she understands that her sexy tattooed tiger has his green eye on her, she drops the shower head on the floor, the room temperature suddenly raises and…


Forgotten the icy, cold walls, the tiny space, the wet, slippery, hard floor, the compatibility issues, the dry water that suddenly freezes, the soap that stings and everything else. She wants HER tiger NOW!


Space invaders


« What the hell… FUCK! … it … his … it … SCRATCHES!
— Honey STOP!!! You’re sanding my pussy!!!

-It smelt of vanilla-Roar Sexy Tiger

After these highly philosophical considerations,
I leave on tiptoe…

« It wasn’t a very serious post today!
— Yes, but the next one is so hard for me to write. So it’s like that. And I do what I want on my pink blog, anyway…

Next Episode: Beautiful Bastards


Please share it or leave me a comment. I’m sweet and I don’t bite.
-The most of the time-

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