So, who am I ?

A woman. The mother of two boys and a little girl. I have a boyfriend. And sometimes I write stories and stuff. I try.

Love is in the air
Seems like love is in the air…

And I’m also just a girl who reads love stories -among many others- feels butterflies in her stomach when she looks at a cute tattooed guy and falls in love

« WHAT? But… you love men? You’re probably not a proper feminist! Oops, just said a bad word, sorry…
— Yeah… if you say so, must be true…

So yes, all I know for sure is that I’m a true myself. A woman, a girlfriend and a mum, a bit feminist around the edges, who loves men and women and people whatever their skin colour, who they sleep  with, who they pray or not and the way they live their own life, as long as they’re respectful. A girl who laughs and cries, gets angry, makes fun of cliches she reads in books and of herself by the way, and says naughty, dirty things sometimes. Just be warned!

Are you a princess? Neither am I. So yes, shame on me, I swear like a sailor once in a while -In fact, in another life, I was a kind of pirate…- But I don’t bite people who don’t bite me!

English is not my first language. I’m French, I live in France and I learned it in school and by reading books. So, you’ll probably find mistakes and strange wordings in my posts. Hope not too much. I do my best, but it’s not always easy to find the right word or the right way to say things. Sorry for that.

I’m an awful chatterbox too! I add a lot of -comments- in my posts -and -digressions- in my comments- A cat would lose its kittens in that mess sometimes.

Finally, I always listen to music when I write and I hide the soundtrack -or other stuff too- in the text, once in a while, especially when the words match what I’m saying -more or less-

Oh hey, I have a Pink Soul -yeah, I’m a girl- and a Pink Conscience that stings too…

And I’m here because: One, day I met a handsome stranger