Silex and the City – F*** me, I’m erectus –

“Silex and the City” is a crazy and incongruous short TV show that plays with words and anachronisms, adapted from the French comic “Silex and the City” scripted and drawn by JUL.


RahanWeb Dotcom: The young dark-haired girl.

Rahan De La Pétaudière:  Could be translated as “Lord Rahan Of The Tinderbox”. Web’s boyfriend and the son of Crao De La Pétaudière -the very rich COE of the Volcano “Energy From Fire Company” that provides fire to the whole valley and explodes from time to time, ’cause the company cuts down on maintenance and salary expenses, the workers go on strike and Crao takes on amphibians that are pretty bad fire technicians -fire’s clearly not their element- to break the strike…-

“Rahan son of Crao” is the hero of a French prehistoric comic, scripted by Roger Lecureux and drawn by André Chéret in the ’70s.

Eva: Web’s best friend and confidante



40.000 years B.C, the whole planet seems to obey the laws of natural selection.

— The whole planet ?
— Nooo, a valley still holds out against evolution !

F*** me, I’m erectus

Web: You know, that’s the fist time that I’m going to a party at the Liquidrom Club.
Rahan: You’ll see, it’s great ! Since amphibians throw “Regression Parties” it’s ultra trendy again.
Eva: For once we’re going to an hip event, hope there’ll be at least some hot guys !
Web: Shouldn’t we wait in line ?
Rahan: Don’t worry, I know the bouncer and my father has some stocks in the club.
The bouncer: Good evening, Sir De La Pétaudière.
Rahan: You know Eva, if dinosaurs could have avoided the nightclubs lines in the middle of the ice age, they never would have disappeared…

“You know if dinosaurs … they never would have disappeared.” is a leitmotiv that appears in each episode.

Web: Uh… I may keep my animal skin…
Eva: Web and her endless skin problems !
Rahan: So, are you coming ?
Guetta-collegeEva: Hey, the music’s so wicked ! Who’s the DJ ?
Rahan: Oh, it’s Darwin Guetta.
I’m going to the bar. Do you want a drink or something ?
Web: I’d like something to snack on first, ’cause if I start drinking now I’m going to be tanked up.
Eva looking at the people: Wow, some of them look so amazing !
Web showing the woman wearing the dress marked “F*** me, I’m erectus” and her boyfriend: Oh, these ones are Homo Ibiz Sapiens, they follow Darwin Guetta in all his live performances.

Brad-PittEva: OMG, I can’t believe it ! Look over there, it’s Brad Pithecanthropus ! Gosh, I’m so crazy in love with this actor, I want to talk to him so much !
Web: But he’s in the VIP lounge, how could you go there ? They’ll never let you in !
Eva: I fucking don’t care about the Very Important Primates, I just need to figure out a way to get close.

Rahan at the bar: Do you have some snacks, sandwiches or something ?
The barman: All we have left is tapas with human flesh and Nutella.
Rahan: Nutella ? Oh yeah, it’s definitely a downright super regressive party…

Rahan to web : Uh… you lost Eva ?
Web: No, she managed to crash the VIP lounge by following a guy. That one over there, the lemur looking like a trapper.
Rahan: hey, but it’s one of the singers of NTL !

It’s a reference to Suprême NTM or just NTM -“Nique Ta Mère” an insult widely used in French suburbs that means “F*** your mum”- a very popular French rap, hip-hop band of the 1990s, founded by the rappers Kool Shen and JoeyStarr. I think that the lemur is a reference to Kool Shen, ’cause lemurs are cool animals that sleep a lot…

Web: Who ?
Rahan: Seriously Web ? You’re so spaced-out sometimes… You don’t know NTL ? “Nique Ta Lope” is THE RAP BAND of the 90.000s B.C ! Where were you this whole time ? You were hibernating, or what ?

Nique Ta Lope” is a wordplay on the word “nyctalope” -to be “nyctalope” means “to have night vision”- and may be on the word “ta lope -> salope” too, that means “slut” to replicate the insult, but I’m not sure.


Rahan: No contest, some diurnal mammals are great at late-night things but lemurs are still THE KINGS OF THE NIGHT !

I was just a little nod, ’cause that mini TV show makes me laugh…

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