After Dark

In the last episode, we saw that Harry’s a Beautiful-Sexy-Curly-Icy bast… Alpha Male who doesn’t burden himself with details. When he wants something, he comes straight to the point and takes it. Even if that thing is a girl!

So, he got himself a small and pretty girlfriend.

But it’s not that easy!

Romantic relationships are complicated and Harry’s not used to having a girl in his king-size bed, let alone a Heroine. Especially since, she’s a mind of her own -just a little bit, let’s not push it. But it’s already too much for our Alpha Male- and it’s beginning to get on his nerves!

How could he protect her -from what? It’s still not clear- if she doesn’t listen to a word he says, huh? He needs to figure out a way!

His four best friends find this very funny. But Harry doesn’t. Not at all. And when Harry’s angry, he often acts in a pretty rough way to get what he wants . Let’s see…

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Fuck me Harry!

In the last post, we figured out that Harry is a talented and resourceful “made in Heaven” supernatural guy, who’s very popular with the girls. Today, we’ll see how he deals with them and how he seduces The Heroine in the end. It’s a little bit long, so quick!

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Another little ambiguous tag, I’m curious.

Is Harry a kind of  Superhero?

Maybe a man with unusual and powerful capacities, like in the TV show?

First, he’s a highly sensual and fascinating guy, no doubt about it. One look in his wonderful GREEN eyes and he sends you to the moon. French kiss works pretty well too and the girls swoon when he bites and licks his attractive pink lips, with a suggestive look.

Harry drives also a kind of Supercar, that crosses London, from north to south, in less than 5 minutes, without he having to turn the key, and provides clean clothes at will. And not even crumpled! I want the same, hate ironing and driving in town.

But other than that…

So maybe is he the leader of a werewolves pack?Alpha-werewolf

At first look, Harry doesn’t leave suspicious hairs lying around on the couch and all over the place. But werewolves are sexy, as everyone knows. Especially the Alpha Male. It still could be a clue.

Well, let’s dig a little deeper…

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