Beautiful Bastards

Part 1: The Miracle Of Love


This post is very long and pretty messed-up. The topic is difficult and personal to me. So, my emotions are pretty messed-up. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy for me to write this text. I hesitated for a long time, went back and forth on it many times, and finally I did the best I could. I don’t feel very confident, to be honest. I would have liked to push some ideas a little further, but it would have been definitely too long -Maybe a next time- So, it’s better to take it as an account of my own experience, my own feelings. I don’t speak for anyone else but myself and I talk a lot about myself, today.

It might look like I’m angry sometimes, but I’m not. Maybe am I just a little overcome, at time. When that happens, I tend to become somewhat ironic, bluntly crude or the both. I tried, not to be too much. But I’m not a princess! In my real life, I use bad words, like everyone else. On my blog, I’m not a different person. But, I still don’t bite people who don’t bite me.

Brief, let’s go now, or I’ll take to my heels, like a pretty, small heroine who meets a curly, green-eyed, tattooed, big, bad boy should do! -Yes, it’s something to do with today’s topic-

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