So fucking ironic

So ironic

Cracked tiles don’t look good, let’s be practical!

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After Dark

In the last episode, we saw that Harry’s a Beautiful-Sexy-Curly-Icy bast… Alpha Male who doesn’t burden himself with details. When he wants something, he comes straight to the point and takes it. Even if that thing is a girl!

So, he got himself a small and pretty girlfriend.

But it’s not that easy!

Romantic relationships are complicated and Harry’s not used to having a girl in his king-size bed, let alone a Heroine. Especially since, she’s a mind of her own -just a little bit, let’s not push it. But it’s already too much for our Alpha Male- and it’s beginning to get on his nerves!

How could he protect her -from what? It’s still not clear- if she doesn’t listen to a word he says, huh? He needs to figure out a way!

His four best friends find this very funny. But Harry doesn’t. Not at all. And when Harry’s angry, he often acts in a pretty rough way to get what he wants . Let’s see…

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