Blood & Tears

“Blood & Tears” what is it about? Does Harry finally cut The Heroine into little pieces or the other way around? No, not yet. Today, I talk about sex. Especially about that one magic and terrifying moment when the heroines “see the wolf” -French expression- and other little things too.

« Avoir vu le loup -to have seen the wolf- means: To have lost one’s virginity. Only the girls meet the wolf.

So, come on, girls, get the big bad wolf

Big-bad-wolfHarry, our Handsome-Sexy-Curly-Icy-Dark bast… hero, half demon, half werewolf has many faults. But when a heroine gives him her virginity, he usually knows how to handle it and he does it right!

He’s still a little scatterbrained sometimes. He forgets the condom -It’s wrong!- or the foreplay, and she cries a lot -because of the gods- But with all those heroines on his hands, it’s not so easy! Poor Harry…

Anyway, the most of the time…
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